aquafan piscina
Telefono: 0541/648492
Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio 54, Riccione
Apertura a fine maggio 2021!

Hotel Riccione sul mare

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Aquafan is one of the first water parks built in Italy. It is located in Riccione, close to the highway exit. You can choose between the wave pool, MaxiOnda Musical Party, the foam dance, shows for children and of course the slides. Fun is guaranteed with wonderful slides, totaling over 3 km long, from the Kamikaze to the Extreme River, from Speedriul at River Run, from Surfin'hill to Twist and Tobogas. Until StrizzaCOOL: the family attraction format that allows descents on a boat for 3/4 people at a time. Cost 3 million euro, is the largest water slide in the park and has the peculiarity of two games in one: an exciting descent, the other softer, between curves and tunnels, with rafting effect.

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Overseas is a natural-tech theme park, located in Riccione, specializing in the protection of particular species of animals both land and sea.


For his 10 years of life the Overseas Park decided to completely revamp the schedule of the Lagoon of the largest dolphins and beautiful in Europe! From now on, meet the dolphins will not be the same again!
Adults and children will have access to the lagoon during the whole opening period of the park and will have an expert who will be able to satisfy all their curiosity about what concerns these extraordinary marine creatures.

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Show, shows, fun with over 30 attractions surrounded by greenery


In and around Lake Bernardo, you can see several examples of wildlife: ducks, ducks, fish and turtles. The commitment of the park is aimed at recreating spaces as similar as possible to those of animal origin and to make it more discreet and at the same time engaging the presence of visitors.
The Amusement Park in Rimini offers attractions for all ages including Fort Laramie, the Fu-Ming Maze, The Hill of Babau, Fiabilandia Express, Apache Village, Fiaby Boat, the Gold Mine, the Bay of Peter Pan, the Lake of Dreams, off-piste, Merlin's Castle, SpaceMouse, Cinema 4D, Captain Nemo Adventure, the Giant Slip and Castoria.

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Italia in Miniatura

The central area of ​​the park is home to more than 270 scale reproductions of monuments, churches, palaces and Italian squares and surrounded by a natural landscape scale consists of five real miniature trees. Around the nucleus there are several mechanical attractions and themes. Among the attractions in the park there are an observation tower, a small prehistoric valley, a monorail electric drive that runs along the perimeter of the park, a simulation of the descent of the river rapids, Pinocchio, the reproduction of a part of the city of Venice , an area specially designed to host shows and events, a pavilion dedicated to the science and technology understanding, Sling Shot, the interactive driving school, playing the fortress Malatesta of Rimini, an area dedicated to video games a special area for parrots and you Mini an attraction that allows to obtain scale reproductions of the people.

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